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Village Care Centre has a wide range of programmes catering for the various needs of the community.

Programme Objectives:
•To work holistically with youth and their families within community settings.
•To develop a culture that perpetuates self reliance and healthy self image and the importance of the family, the community, the nation and the goal of achievement.
•To advance the concept of family being preserved as a unit.
•To work in cooperation with families in the delivery of services to their children.
•To address the destructiveness of addictions and feelings of disempowerment as a result of poverty through sustainable and supportive interventions.
•To provide the aged with affordable, dignified and safe housing with guaranteed frail and end of life care.

Youth Care Centre
The Village Care Centre (Youth Care Centre) is registered with the Department of Social Development and cares for children from 6 to 18 years, who were exposed to neglect, abuse, absence of parents or other poor socioeconomic circumstances.

A multi-disciplinary team, consisting of a Social Worker, Teacher and Child and Youth Care Workers make sure that every child is cared for in a holistic way. Children have access to basic care (food and shelter), medical care, education, emotional and spiritual counselling, opportunities to build their skills and talents, sporting and other activities. Children are kept in contact with their parents, family members or significant others at all times through close interaction with the aid of other NPO’s who render family reunification services.

Youth services focus on:
Education, Information and Awareness: Provide education and awareness on children’s rights and life coping skills.
Skills Development: Develop parenting skills and capacity of parents to improve their family income.
Early-intervention: Ensuring that children and youth develop the skills needed to grow into happy and healthy members of the community who upholds the law.
Re-integration: Re-uniting children and family and helping children to cope in the community when they leave the centre.

Aged Care Centre
Older members of society have a valuable contribution to make in our community. However, many find themselves in precarious positions and are left alone by their children without any support. The Aged Care Centre aims to offer a caring, safe and supportive environment for the aged and caters to their specific needs. The Centre operates under the auspices of the Village Care Centre and is situated in a separate location in Lavender Hill, accommodating and caring for 24 elderly live in residents from all areas.

Drop Inn Centre
The centre has a Drop inn programme that caters for early school dropouts, youth at risk and street children from 9am till 1pm Monday to Thursday. Various projects are implemented within this programme which include skills training, literacy, arts & crafts, sports, life skills and drug rehabilitation. We cater for about 30 – 35 youth and provide them with breakfast and lunch.

Aftercare For Vulnerable Children
This programme focuses on assisting about 20 – 40 children with their homework and reading. The aim is to keep them off the streets and occupied from 2pm till 4pm Monday to Thursday. Kids also receive a snack which for some, might be the only thing they eat for the day.

The safehouse provides 24 – 48 hr emergency placement care for children who are at risk. The centre accommodates up to 8 children at a time.

Sewing and Upholstery
Village Care Centre provides a sewing and upholstery programme for 20 unemployed men, women and youth. Attendees are shown how to operate a sewing machine, over-locker, complete a garment from start to finish and upholster a couch. The course duration is 6 months and on completion students receive a certificate. Students leave with skills that allow them to start their own business or find employment.

HIV/AIDS Support Group
The HIV/AIDS support project is an ongoing programme that is aimed at providing information and support to families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. We create a safe learning environment and encourage a positive learning experience on the development of HIV/Aids issues. Members are provided with nutritious meals and are taught gardening skills which allows them to produce their own vegetables which they can then use to generate an income and to feed their families. Currently 20 adults with families are catered for. The group also receives monthly food parcels from St Andrew’s, a local church.

Soup Kitchen
The centre runs a soup kitchen once a week, on a Thursday, where community members are provided with a bowl of soup. The soup kitchen sustains approximately 900 people per month.

Food Garden
The food garden provides families with fresh produce to maintain healthy lifestyles. The entire Lavender Hill community is positively impacted, as people are free to come and collect produce to feed their families. Community members are also encouraged to attend training on how to grow their own vegetables in their backyards. This project also helps sustain the soup kitchen.

Resource Centre
The Village Care Centre provides a service where people can have their C.V.’s typed and printed, check emails and have copies made for a nominal fee. Youth are also provided with information from the internet for school projects.

Charity Shop
There is a charity shop on the premises where bric ‘n brac is sold at a very low cost.